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Work hard. Be helpful. Keep your word. People call these Midwestern values, but we think it’s just a smart way to run a business. Maybe that’s why companies from Fort Lauderdale to Sacramento have turned to us for their financial needs. Or maybe it’s because we don't charge every time you make a transaction. Either way, find out how we can help you grow. 

Helpful resources

5 reasons to take your business banking to a credit union

Credit unions are designed to benefit members, not shareholders—which is why you may find fewer fees and better rates there.

What is a certificate of deposit and how does it work?

If your savings don’t meet the balance requirements of a high-yield money market account, a CD can help you earn more interest over time.    


Buying vs. leasing a car

A shiny new vehicle can make a great impression on clients—but make sure your driving needs won’t drive up costs.