Vibrant's 3% CD Promotion - Money tree sprout

Earn 3% APY* on a 15-month CD

It’s a rate so good all the other banks will be green with envy.

Our SouthPark Branch lobby will be opening on Monday, October 25.

The SouthPark Branch lobby will open Monday, October 25.

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Talk to us face-to-face from anywhere

You don’t have to visit one of our branches to get the help you need. Now you can become a member, open an account, or apply for an auto or personal loan via vibrantLive. 


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Take Vibrant on the go with you

Our closest branch is as near as your phone. Check your balance, make a deposit, transfer funds, or pay bills on your Android or Apple device, anytime and anywhere.

Helpful resources

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Will a checking account affect your credit score?

Provided your account is in good standing, how much you have in the bank is much less important than how much you owe.

Buying vs. leasing a car

While a lease may appear to cost less in the short term, consider other associated costs.