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“The Quad Cities is our home, it’s part of who we are, and it means a lot to be the first local business to hold the naming rights to this arena. Many of us started seeing concerts at The MARK back in the 1990s, and nodding back to those roots in the new name was part of our discussions from the very beginning. We see this as our opportunity to invest in our community in a way that has a positive impact on everyone here."

Matt McCombs, President & CEO 

Frequently asked questions

How did you choose the name Vibrant Arena at The MARK?

There are many longtime Quad Citizens who will always think of this venue as The MARK. We wanted to honor the arena’s important place in our community and bringing back the original name as part of its new identity seemed like a great way to do that. 

Will you be making any changes or improvements to the venue itself?

Well, when your organization is named Vibrant, that comes with certain expectations. We're already working on plans to give the interior a fresh look, with new paint colors and signage. We also plan to add a new special events area, the Vibrant Lounge, at the entrance to the main concourse.

I’m a Vibrant member—will there be any special deals for us?

Plans are still in the works, but we’re exploring all the possibilities. Make sure to follow us on social media so you don't miss out!