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Looking for a little financial flexibility?

We get it—money's tight right now. That's why you can move your auto loan to Vibrant, keep your current payment, and owe nothing for 120 days.

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* To qualify for the promotion, the loan must be a new or refinance loan for a consumer vehicle. The new loan will have 0% interest and no payments for 120 days. After 120 days, interest will resume at the note rate and payments will be due according to the original agreement.  Borrowers must have $2,000 of direct deposits into a Vibrant Credit Union checking or savings account within 120 days of closing the new loan.  If borrowers fail to meet the direct deposit requirements, a fee, $250 for loans less than $15,000 or $500 for loans $15,000 and greater, will be assessed and added to the loan balance

Moving your loan is as easy as 1-2-3


Gather info about your current loan

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), your driver's license number, the current mileage on your vehicle, and your loan balance and the name of your lender. 


Complete the form above

We'll walk you through all the details—and send you the loan documentation electronically so you can complete the process from work or home. 


Enroll in direct deposit

To qualify for this offer, you’ll need to have a Vibrant checking or savings account and enroll in direct deposit within 120 days of completing your refinance.*

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Frequently asked questions

Will my monthly payments go up?

If you currently have an auto loan with a lender other than Vibrant, we promise to match your current monthly payment, with no interest or payments for 120 days. You will still need to open a Vibrant checking or savings account and enroll in direct deposit within the promotional period, or you will be subject to an additional fee.

My car’s already paid off—can I get the same deal to buy a new vehicle?

Yes, you can apply a Vibrant auto loan to purchase either a new or used vehicle, with no payments or interest for 120 days. To quality, all you have to do is open a Vibrant checking account and enroll in direct deposit within the promotional period.

Can I refinance my Vibrant auto loan and get the same deal?

Yes—with some qualifications. If you currently have a Vibrant auto loan, you can refinance with Vibrant to skip your next payment for 120 days. You'll keep the same monthly payment amount with your new loan, but your interest rate may increase. If you don’t already have an active direct deposit to your Vibrant checking or savings account, you will need to sign up or face a penalty.

How is this different from using Skip-A-Pay?

With Skip-A-Pay, you can only defer a single month of your auto loan payment at a time. You’ll also pay a fee to use the service, and your interest will continue to accrue even though no payment is due. By refinancing your auto loan during this promotion, you’ll pay absolutely nothing for 120 days—no payments, no accrued interest, and no service charges now or later.