It all starts with $5

Every membership at Vibrant starts with $5 in a savings account. From there, the options multiply to provide a unique banking solution for everyone. But it all starts here, with a little seed that will hopefully blossom into a beautiful savings flower.

Saving for rainy days (and sunny days, and foggy days, any day really)

Once you’ve got your initial savings account set up, you can make additional accounts for just about anything. Thinking about a romp through the Swiss Alps? A brand new sports car? Christmas presents for all 8 grandkids? Saving for these big purchases is as easy as setting up an account, giving it a stellar name and making regular deposits.

Of course, we’ve got more ways to save, too

You’re always looking to the future. Saving for your retirement, your kid’s education and your health are all priorities in your life. Guess what? They are for us, too. So we have created options that make it easy to prepare for all of life’s milestones.