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Earn 5.50% APY* on a 23-month CD

Get our best rate in years and watch your money grow. Open a 23-month CD with a minimum deposit of just $5.

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If you're starting to wonder when rates will start falling again, this CD is a great opportunity to lock in high yields for the long term.


Maximize your earnings without a long-term commitment.


When your money's here for a good time, not a long time.

Certificate of Deposit Rates

Rates current as of September 12, 2023

Term APY*
3 Month 0.20%
6 Month 0.30%
8 Month++ 4.50%
12 Month 0.20%
13 Month*** 5.00%
15 Month*** 2.75%
18 Month 2.50%
23 Month1 5.50%
24 Month 0.40%
30 Month 2.00%
36 Month 0.50%
40 Month Bump Up Special+ 1.90%
48 Month 0.65%
5-Year Add-On Certificate** 0.80%
*APY= Annual Percentage Yield. **During the term of the Add-On certificate, you may make deposits of $5 or more at anytime. ***13- and 15-month certificates will automatically renew into a 12-month term at maturity. +For the 40-Month Bump Certificate Special, members may request that Vibrant raise their rate to the current Vibrant Credit Union published rate on the 40-month certificate. Members will then earn the higher rate for the remainder of the term. Members may only exercise this feature one time during the term. Promotional rates made available in special offers are excluded. When the certificate matures it will auto renew into a 36-month certificate. ++8-month certificate will automatically renew into a 6-month term at maturity. 1. 23-month CD will automatically renew into a 24-month term at maturity. ^$5 minimum to open account. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Federally insured by NCUA.

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