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Look forward to what comes next

Sending the kids to college. Retirement. Travel. Plus the security of knowing you’re ready for anything.

How can we help you?



Whether you’re just starting out or hoping to make up for lost time, we can help you build a plan to meet your retirement goals, including 401(k) plans, traditional and Roth IRAs, and investment products tailored to your goals and risk preference.


Help your family avoid student loan debt with a college savings plan that anticipates rising tuition costs.


Create a plan to protect your family against financial uncertainty and pass along a positive legacy.

What to expect


Do I need to be a Vibrant member to get financial and investing advice?

Not necessarily—though many of our investment clients enjoy the convenience of having all of their accounts with a single institution. We work with clients across the United States; talk to us to see if we’re a good fit for you.

How do you charge for your advising services?

Because there’s no single investment model for all our clients, what you pay ultimately depends on the mix of products and services you choose. Our focus, however, isn’t generating sales. It’s building a relationship where you feel confident you’re getting advice you can trust, whether that’s buying, selling, or staying the course. 

I have multiple retirement accounts from previous employers. What are my options?

This is an increasingly common scenario for people a decade or more into their careers. We can not only help you consolidate your savings and make it work harder, but also enable you to keep contributing to your retirement savings.

Can you help with estate planning?

Yes! Ultimately, the most successful investment strategy not only ensures you don’t run out of money during your lifetime but makes sure what you leave behind has the greatest impact.