Overdraft Protection

For all of life’s “whoopsies”

We understand that our members lead busy lives. Between getting the kids to school, feeding the dog, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, grabbing the groceries, cooking dinner and shuffling everyone to soccer practice, there isn’t a ton of time left to check your account balance.

That's why we offer Overdraft Protection - three options that can automatically help you out. Never get caught off guard again with one of our following options:

  • Automatic transfer from another deposit account
  • Mastercard line of credit
  • Courtesy Pay

Auto-transfers for seamless coverage

A savings account comes part and parcel with your Vibrant membership. To be frank, there are a ton of reasons why it’s a great idea to keep some money in there that you don’t plan on spending, but in particular, doing so can really help you out in the case of an overdraft.

With our automatic transfers, if you overdraw your checking account we'll automatically transfer funds from the savings account of your choice. Your transaction goes off without a hitch, and you only have to pay a $5 balance transfer fee.

SafeDraft - because checks are not meant to bounce

Got a Vibrant Mastercard credit card? Hook it up through SafeDraft to protect you in the case of bounced checks. If you ever write a check for more than is in your account, our SafeDraft feature will automatically add the difference to your credit card bill.  

Courtesy Pay keeps you moving

Courtesy Pay is our way of saying we trust you. Under this program, we will cover any checks or electronic payments that overdraw your account. That means the payment will still go through, and you can pay us back within the next week. 

You should know: Courtesy Pay charges a $29 fee per overdrawn transaction. So be sure to stay on top of your balances and sign up for auto-transfers and SafeDraft.

After the transaction, you just need to make a deposit within the next 7 days to bring your balance back to zero. But if you wait too long, you’ll have to pay a $29 fee. After that is settled, everything is back to normal.

To sign up for Overdraft Protection, stop by your nearest Vibrant branch or visit our online banking section.


Buckle up, here comes the legal stuff

In the event you write a check or have an electronic payment or electronic withdrawal which results in the checking account being overdrawn, the Credit Union will attempt to honor the transaction via the following:

  • Automatic Transfer: The Credit Union will automatically transfer funds from the member's savings accounts. Funds will be transferred in the amount of the resulting overdraft, plus a $5 service charge, from any other savings type or any other savings or checking account from which the member is then eligible to withdraw.

  • Mastercard Overdraft Protection: For those members who have applied and been approved for Mastercard SafeDraft Overdraft Protection, the Credit Union will automatically transfer from your Mastercard credit card account the exact amount needed, plus a $5 service charge. Transfers will not be made if your credit card account is over limit or contractually past due. A finance charge will be assessed on the same basis as any other credit card cash advance in accordance with the credit card agreement.

  • Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection: An insufficient balance could result in several ways, such as:

    • The payment of checks, electronic funds transfer or other withdrawal requests.

    • Payments authorized by you.

    • The return of unpaid items deposited by you.

    • The imposition of credit union service charges.

    • The deposit of items which, according to the credit union's Funds Availability Policy, are treated as not yet available or finally paid.

  • We are not obligated to pay any item presented for payment if your account does not contain sufficient funds. However, if you maintain your account in good standing, defined as making regular deposits to bring your account to positive balance at least once every 30 days, and there are no legal orders outstanding, we may approve your reasonable overdrafts as a non-contractual courtesy. Normally, we will not approve an overdraft for you in excess of your limit plus our overdraft charge. We may refuse to pay an overdraft for you at any time, although we may have previously paid overdrafts for you. You will be notified by mail of any non-sufficient funds items paid or returned that you may have; however, we have no obligation to notify you before we pay or return any item. The amount of any overdraft plus our Insufficient Funds handling fee charge(s) and any daily overdraft fee(s) that you owe us shall be due and payable upon demand. If there is an overdraft paid by us on an account with more than one member on the signature card, each member, and agent if applicable, drawing/presenting the item creating the overdraft, shall be jointly and severally liable for such overdraft, plus our Insufficient Funds handling fee charge(s). A fee may be imposed for covering overdrafts "created by check, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals or other electronic means," as applicable. More than one overdraft fee may be charged against the account per day, depending on the number of checks presented and other withdrawals made from the members account. Click here for a complete listing of fees charged by Vibrant Community Credit Union.

  • Transactions may not process in the order in which they occurred. Checks clear your account largest dollar amount to smallest dollar amount.

  • Cancellation/Termination: A member can opt out of Courtesy Pay at any time. However, there are cases when it may be cancelled at the credit union's discretion.

  • Limitations: Available to individually owned checking accounts in good standing for personal or household use. Vibrant Community Credit Union reserves the right to limit participation to one account per household and to discontinue this product at any time.

  • If sufficient funds are NOT in the account and an automatic transfer or Mastercard transfer is not available or Courtesy Pay is not available, the check will be returned unpaid and an NSF fee will be assessed. Written notice of any action taken will be sent to you at the last known address shown in the Credit Union's records. NSF activity constitutes grounds for closing a checking account.