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Make your dream car a reality

Go electric. Put the top down. Or take the boat up to the lake. It’s up to you.

Why choose a vehicle loan with Vibrant?

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  • Easy application, fast approval 
  • No fees, no down payment required
  • Financing for up to 84 months

What to expect


Apply for a loan in 15 minutes or less.


Purchasing a vehicle? We'll need to know the make and model, model year, mileage, and estimated price.


Refinancing a vehicle? We’ll need your VIN, driver’s license number, current mileage, and estimated resale value. Be prepared to share some basic information about your income.


Stay tuned for a call from our lenders to complete the process. 

Helpful resources

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Prepare yourself to get the best deal before you enter the showroom.

Buying vs. leasing a car

Before you commit to one of those low monthly lease payments, make sure you understand the hidden costs. 

Why should I refinance my auto loan?

Interest rates may have dropped since you purchased your vehicle, but depending on how long you've owned your car, you may not save much money.