Auto Loans

Money for the stuff that moves you

Whether it’s a car, an RV, a boat, a motorcycle or anything else with a motor that gets you from Point A to Point B, Vibrant can help get you moving. Our auto and RV loans are the cream of the crop, with benefits such as:

  • No down payment
  • No fees
  • Repayment terms up to 84 months.

How’s that for putting a little extra zoom-zoom in your life?

Repaying on your own terms

We make repaying your loan as easy as possiblethat’s why we have online, mail and automatic direct deposit options. We know loan repayment isn’t the most fun thing in the world, so think of this as our attempt to meet you halfway. 

Protecting your investment

With our GAP and warranty protection options, you can rest easy knowing your money is safe. Buying a car is a big move financially, but with Vibrant riding shotgun, you can go anywhere with confidence. 

We hear some vroom in your future
Vehicle Loan Rates
Fixed Rate
100% Financing* APR as low as2.15%3.50%
Monthly Payment per $1,000 borrowed**$17.59$18.19
Variable Rate
100% Financing* APR as low as+2.00%3.25%
Monthly Payment per $1,000 borrowed**$17.55$16.68

* Conventional loan rates. Interest rates determined by individual credit score, term of the loan and year of collateral. +Variable rate loan may adjust quarterly after consummation of the loan. Contractual payments will not change, however, the term of your loan may be adjusted. The rate is the highest prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal as of the last business day of the previous month plus (or minus) a margin percentage, determined by your individual credit profile. The floor rate for the variable rate loan is 1.75% APR.  $5 Membership required for all consumer loans.

** Monthly payments based on 60-month loan term.