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Hello and welcome to Vibrant! We know you probably have some questions and we have answers! Check out the FAQ below. 
*UPDATED 8/16/17


Frequently Asked Questions


Why merge?


In collaboration, we are able to offer greater financial strength, geographic expansion, better accessibility, more competitive products and improved efficiencies.

Why Vibrant?

Vibrant is a top performer in providing products and services that benefit our members. By consistently providing great products and services we’re able to utilize the best technology in the credit union industry. Not only do our systems feature high performing level security features but the ease of taking your banking with you on the go.


Who benefits from this merger?
Everyone! By merging with Vibrant, we can now take advantage of both institutions existing resources and combine them to create one strong partnership.


What stays the same?
Awesome member experience, local management, community commitment, and deposits insured by the NCUA up to $250,000.


What changes?
Our name and the geographic area we serve.


Will my account number change?
The majority of member’s account numbers will stay the same. All attempts will be made for your Vibrant member number to match your previous primary account number or member number. In the rare case that that number is already in use, you will be given a different number. Those members affected will be receiving a letter confirming your new account and member numbers by October 6, 2017. Less than 1% of members will be affected by this.


Do I have to get new checks?
No, your existing checks will continue to work.


Do I have to get a new debit/credit card?
Yes. If you have used your Debit or ATM card in the last 12 months, we will automatically issue these for you on September 26, 2017 and they should arrive within 10 business days. Once you receive them, you will need to call to activate them.

If you have used your credit card at least once since July 1st, 2016, we will automatically issue it for you on September 26, 2017 and it should arrive within 10 business days. Once you receive it, you will need to call to activate it.

Credit Cards can be used immediately after activation. Debit and ATM Cards cannot be used until October 16, 2017.

These cards will have different numbers than your current cards.

*What routing number should I use?
1st Illinois’ routing number will continue to work. We do ask that after October 16th when setting up new authorizations, you use Vibrant's routing number 271183646.

Example: If you are using 1st IL's routing number for DirectTV currently, this will continue to work. If you decide to switch to Dish and start a new account, please utilize Vibrant's routing number.

Will online banking change?
Vibrant’s online banking is a feature that will be available as of October 16th, 2017.  After October 16th, head on over to vibrantcreditunion.org to sign up! Click on “Enroll in Online Banking” at the top right of our page. Once enrolled, check out our awesome mobile app!

*After October 16th, Pop money will no longer be available.

*Do I need to change automatic payments, payroll deduction and direct deposit information?

Any ACH's coming into 1st IL will continue to work as normal. Any ACH's set up to be withdrawn from 1st IL will need to be resetup in online banking, these members will be notified via letter. Pre-authorizations and Payroll Deductions will transfer over. Direct Deposit will continue to work as normal, no changes needed.

Will I need to reset my Bill Pay?
Yes, once you have successfully signed up for Vibrant’s Online Banking (available October 16th, 2017) You will need to re-setup your online Bill Pay Merchants.

To prep for the change, we advise you to collect account numbers, phone numbers, addresses and payment frequency of your current Bill Pays.

Will there be changes in rates and fees?
Yes, as we combine into one credit union, it will be necessary for some rates and fee changes for pricing consistency. At least 45 days prior to conversion new disclosures and fee schedules will be provided.

Where do I send a loan payment, credit card payment, deposit, etc.?

As of right now, continue payments as normal. Beginning on October 16th, 2017 send to:

Vibrant Credit Union
P.O. Box 1550
Moline, IL 61266-1550

Who/where do I call if I have a question on my account/loan?
Give us a call at 217-446-2125.

What does the merger mean to me?
Added convenience with more access, new products and services.