How-to setup direct deposit


You'll need to know your full checking account number and Vibrant's routing number (grab a check or your Member Service Agreement).


Contact your HR Department, or log in to your HR system to update your information. 


Confirm your changes and keep an eye out for your deposit.

sample of a check


What is Vibrant's routing number?

The routing number at Vibrant Credit Union is 271183646.

How do I enroll in online banking?


Click here to get started.

How do I get started with your free credit score dashboard?

We can walk you through it! Click here for an easy, step-by-step explanation.

How much does direct deposit cost?

It's absolutely free.

I just set up a new account and have not seen my money come in yet?

It can take 3-5 business days for an electronic deposit.

How do I get a blank check sent to my employer?

You can use one of your Vibrant checks. If you don't have any, please refer to the question below.

How do I order checks?


If you've had checks with us before, you can order through online banking under checking services. If you haven't received your first 40 free checks, you can call us at 800-323-5109 and an agent can help you with ordering them.