How We Protect Your Money


When it comes to financial services, security is the name of the game. Our federal savings deposit insurance covers up to $250,000 for regular savings and checking accounts, even IRAs. How’s that for a little peace of mind?

Government protection

The National Credit Union Administration is the federal agency that insures credit unions, much in the same way that the FDIC insures banks. They cap their coverage at $250,000 per depositor, per institution, for each account ownership category. The whole thing can get a bit confusing, but the idea is there is some wiggle room. 

Your retirement is covered

IRAs are insured separately from your other regular accounts, with the same maximum of $250,000. This means that, between your IRA and regular checking, you can trust Vibrant with half a million of your hard-earned dollars – and maybe even more.

Using more accounts for more coverage

For example, families can leverage their multiple accounts to increase their coverage beyond the $250,000 limit. If it seems complicated, don’t worry. We can help you set up your accounts to ensure you are getting optimum coverage.