Business Loans

There are a lot of times when a little extra cash could really help you get your business on its feet. At Vibrant, we offer a range of business loan options to meet the unique demands of almost any situation. 

Line of Credit

Have a short-term need for a quick cash infusion? Our credit lines can be used to:

  • Cash in on supplier discounts
  • Cover gaps while waiting to collect accounts receivable
  • Take care of seasonal capital needs

Term Loans

For more far-reaching needs, our term loans let you finally get that shiny new machinery you've been eyeing. A term loan can help you:

  • Modernize or expand your facility
  • Grow your business vehicle fleet
  • Outfit your boardroom with brand-new shiny swivel leather brass-studded executive chairs

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Where you do business is just as important as how you do business. Our commercial real estate loans get you into the office space of your dreams so you can finally set up shop on that perfect street corner. 

With these kinds of loans, the real estate itself is put up as collateral and can be used to finance anything from rental properties and apartment complexes to commercial properties and combination business/rental buildings. Location, location, location. 

Not sure which type of loan is right for you?

Give us a ring at 800-323-5109 and we will be happy to walk you through our options. 


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