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Why Vibrant is turning its Bettendorf branch into a coffeehouse

In late 2023, following the kind of light remodeling it takes to transform a credit union into a full-service restaurant, Vibrant will reopen its Bettendorf branch as the newest location of Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen

Naturally, people have a lot of questions. Here are a few answers.

How does a credit union decide to start a coffeehouse?

People used to choose where to bank based largely on which financial institutions had the closest branches—because every time you needed to make a deposit or get cash, you had to visit in person. Now that nearly 80% of Americans prefer to bank online, there’s a lot less need for multiple branch locations in every city. So a few years ago, we started looking at other ways we could maintain a presence in the community that went beyond traditional banking.

How will the Bettendorf Coffeehouse compare to the Moline location?

The menu will be the same, and the look and feel will be similar—but the vibe will be a little different. While our Moline location is in a mostly commercial area, the Bettendorf Coffeehouse will have more of a neighborhood feel—with a large patio and plenty of space for after-school hangouts and family gatherings.

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How long will the Bettendorf location be closed?

The branch will temporarily close at the beginning of June 2023 in preparation for construction. We should be back in business before the end of the year. One of the highlights of the new space will be a new interactive teller machine (ITM) that can handle all your banking transactions and connect you to a live representative when you need assistance.

Where should Bettendorf members bank in the meantime?

We know there are members who will always prefer to bank in person. Throughout construction, you can visit our Davenport branch  or our two Moline locations at SouthPark Mall and at Vibrant HQ.

What will happen to the people who work at the Bettendorf branch?

Don’t worry, we’re not going to make them learn how to brew coffee (unless they really want to!). Our branch employees will be moving into similar roles either at Vibrant HQ or at one of our other branches.