Getting paid to shop

Prepare to love shopping even more. When you sign up for a CashBack checking account at Vibrant, we pay you every time you use your Vibrant Visa debit.

How much are we talking here?

Here’s how it works: Every November, we look through your account and tally up all the transactions you have made throughout the year. We then cross-reference that info with this handy-dandy rubric:

  • 1 cent for debit card PIN transactions
  • 5 cents for debit card signature transactions

Sure, five cents may not sound like a lot, but after a year, this stuff piles up - and considering how quick and easy it is to swipe your card, you may be surprised at just how much you end up with.



More! More! More!

CashBack is just the tip of the benefits iceberg. Check out all the other sweet deals resting just below the surface:

  • A free debit card
  • Unlimited use of Vibrant ATMs
  • Free automatic payroll deposit
  • No teller or transaction fees
  • No per-check fees
  • Unlimited access at 100,000+ ATMs across the U.S.
  • Free Vibrant online banking
  • Online check ordering
  • Online statements delivered by email
  • Automatic Overdraft Protection

The fine print

You should know that ATM transactions don’t count toward your CashBack balance. I mean, we can’t just print money over here. But on the other hand, there is no maximum amount you can earn. As long as you are making one transaction a month to keep the account active, the coins can keep on rolling in. And those coins are tax free! The IRS treats them as a discount and not income, so you don’t have to answer to the tax man. 

Before you leave, we should also mention that if you close out your CashBack account before October 31, you end up forfeiting your CashBack rewards for that year. So think twice before you cut and run!