Why Vibrant?

Why have us on your side.

Our Purpose

Vibrant Credit Union is not your run-of-the-mill financial institution. Our goal is to make sure you understand banking to the point where, heck, you may even like it. (We know, the audacity). But hear us out. It’s not about getting you from point A to point B. It’s about making sure you understand why and how. 

Think of us as the lovable underdog in your standard rom-com. We’re not wearing a turtleneck and cufflinks boasting about [insert technical blargh] here. We’re straight-talking, to the point, here-for-you kind of people. We’re just a credit union, standing in front of a prospective member, asking how we can help them. Because our goal is to make sure you understand banking to the point where you actively choose to like it.

Where it Started

It's been a long road since the start of Vibrant Credit Union in 1935. Our story begins with eight hardworking John Deere Harvester employees, one shared dream, and $40. While our roots are in Moline, Illinois, we continue to grow. Now, we have 11 locations throughout Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. And we welcome anyone to join — no matter where they are.  

How We Give Back

When it comes to things we're passionate about, we love our local communities. If it’s important to our members and team members, it’s important to us. Whether it's money or time — we're an organization that is committed to giving back. Click here to submit a request.

What We’ve Got 

24/7 Account Access
Our online banking and mobile banking channels allow you to:

✔   Check Your Balance
✔   Access Your Transaction History
✔   Pay Vibrant Loans
✔   Transfer Money
✔   Pay Bills
✔   Pay a Person
✔   Deposit Checks
55,000 Fee-Free ATMs
That's right! Access your money anytime, anywhere, whenever it's convenient for you. Access our network to get cash when you need it.

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