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Wesley Felton

Our Green Thumb

Meet Wes, our Vice President of Asset Recovery. Wes is no stranger to the financial services industry, having over a decade of experience. He loves working with his team to help members ensure effective and timely review and resolution of past due accounts that benefit both the borrower and the credit union.


When Wes isn’t hard at work helping our members with solutions, he’s probably outside enjoying some fresh air. He admits he might be slightly addicted to working on his lawn. He also loves spending time with his family at the ballpark or riding bikes. Fun fact, Wes once enjoyed the great outdoors while working on a buffalo ranch.

What is your hidden talent?
My brain alerts me seconds before the microwave beeps, allowing me to open the door in advance, avoiding beeps.
What is your guilty pleasure?
Breakfast of champions: coffee and soggy cereal.
What is the #1 thing on your bucket list?
To visit the top 10 U.S. National Parks!
Good people doing good work.