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Michelle Prohaska

The Law

Meet Michelle, our VP of Risk. Her job is to help Vibrant tackle and understand all the complex, wacky pieces of the various regulations that affect the credit union industry. Michelle started with this role in January 2018 but originally started working for Vibrant in January 2010 as a teller for almost 3 years before heading off to law school at the University of Iowa. And, now she’s back!

When Michelle’s not at work you can find her hanging out with her family and their two half Doberman / half Malamutes. They love getting the dogs outside and taking family walks but if it’s football season they're most likely all huddled around the TV watching the Iowa Hawkeyes or Minnesota Vikings.

What animal skill would you like to have?
What is your hidden talent?
Organization is kind of my thing. It drives my husband crazy because he doesn't always understand my methods, so it's semi-hidden!
What is the #1 thing on your bucket list?
To travel internationally! And adopt all the senior dogs that flood my News Feed on Facebook :)
Good people doing good work.