about vibrant.

Jon Sexton

Vibrant's Professor

As our Senior Vice President of Culture and Leadership Development Jon’s role at Vibrant is well, as you'd guess, to create and support our leaders and culture. He’s directly responsible for the oversight of Vibrant University, which focuses on providing personal, professional, and leadership development opportunities for staff.  


A lot of Jon’s work involves building a Strengths based approach into our culture. Most importantly Jon brings positivity to the workplace, it's got to be one of his top strengths. He’s always looking for ways to brighten coworkers’ days. In fact, he admits the best part of his day is anytime he has the opportunity to make someone smile. Seriously, how nice is that?!

When asked to describe himself in 3 words Jon used the words affable, convivial, and genuine. We’re still not 100% sure what those first two words mean but we think they’re good.


What is your hidden talent?
I can imitate things pretty well...accents, singers, animal noises. You name it.
What animal skill would you like to have?
The ability to climb a tree like a squirrel. Why? Imagine someone scurrying up a tree like a squirrel and try not to laugh...
What is your guilty pleasure?
Movie Popcorn. My wife has to set limits so I don't get too crazy.
Good people doing good work.