about vibrant.

Joe Agostinelli

Diligent Data Analyzer

As Vibrant's VP of Analytics and Insights, Joe uses analytics to drive business decisions and ensure we are offering high-value products and services to our members. To put it simple: he studies the data day in and day out to find what Vibrant can do to best help our members (that's you!). Joe is a Microsoft Excel genius. We haven't found an Excel question that he doesn't have the answer for but we're continually trying to stump him.

When Joe's not busy pretending to be Elijah Wood and signing autographs you can find him woodworking. That's right, it's Joe's newest hobby and he's still looking for a garage to rent some space so let him know if you've got that :)


What is your favorite type of food and dish?
Anything my wife makes, she's a great cook.
What animal skill would you like to have?
Flying. You'd be able to see so much more!
What is your hidden talent?
I make a delicious pizza.
Good people doing good work.