about vibrant.

Josh Ernst

Vibrant's Quarterback

No, this isn't Payton Manning, but it sure does look like him! Meet Josh Ernst, our Chief Lending Officer. When asked to describe a typical day for him, Josh simply replies that he gets the opportunity to work with the best consumer lenders in the market.  It's his job to ensure Vibrant is meeting the retail banking needs of our members. From new member onboarding to Trust and IRA accounts, Josh and his teams are eagerly waiting to build lasting relationships with our members.


Josh may be new to Vibrant, he started in October 2017, but he's been in the banking industry, specifically consumer lending, since 2000. When Josh isn't busy at work (which honestly isn't often!) he can probably be found enjoying the outdoors with his friends and family. He loves being on the river, so much so it was one of the reasons he relocated back to Eastern Iowa.  



What is your hidden talent?
I love to cook however rarely use a recipe. Probably a good and bad thing.
What animal skill would you like to have?
No question, flight. So much quicker plus the traffic in the air is far less than the 74 Bridge
What is the #1 thing on your bucket list?
To attend an Iowa Hawkeye Football and Basketball event at all of the B1G schools.
Good people doing good work.