about vibrant.

Aaron Ohlensehlen

Agency President

Meet Aaron Ohlensehlen, our insurance guru. As the President of Vibrant Insurance he makes sure we are properly covering insurance for cars, homes, motorcycles, boats... the list goes on and on. When Aaron joined the Vibrant team in 2014 he was a one man insurance shop with no carriers.  Since then he’s grown the insurance department to a team of more than a handful of employees with six different insurance carriers. He's allowed Vibrant Insurance to save the average household $600 annually!

When Aaron’s not hard at work writing insurance policies he’s usually near a pool. Both of his kids have swim meets year round. After swim meets you can find him grilling. Aaron’s motto is “if it’s dead, I can cook it.” He doesn’t care what season it is, in fact he was out grilling this winter in below zero temps. He likes grilling so much that when people brought casseroles and crockpot dishes to a recent potluck here at Vibrant, Aaron brought grilled salmon. Aaron’s hidden talent is art. He’s an awesome artist and can draw pretty much anything!


Good people doing good work.