Community Donation

The Generos-i-team is on the case!

Our Generos-i-team meets regularly to review requests for donations and sponsorship from community organizations. Are you the champion of a great cause that touches the lives of our members and neighbors? We can’t wait to meet you.


There are a ton of worthy causes out there. Unfortunately, Vibrant doesn’t have the resources to support all of them. In order to focus our efforts on those places where we can provide the most light, we humbly ask:

  1. You submit a request at least thirty (30) days before any events requesting sponsorship
  2. You are a non-profit or tax-exempt
  3. You fall under one of the following categories:
    1. Community development
    2. Environment
    3. Youth character building
    4. Education
    5. Health and welfare
    6. Safety 
    7. Culture 
    8. Civic affairs
  4. You are not any of the following:
    1. An individual
    2. A faith-based organization
    3. A political candidate
    4. A labor union
    5. An organization or project outside our communities
    6. An individual program of the United Way agencies

In addition, we request that no group or organizations solicit contributions on Vibrant property.

If you meet the above guidelines, move fast and fill out this form!

Fair warning: not all eligible organizations will receive funding, but we will try our best to help out where we can.

Donation Request Form