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How We Give Back

Spreading the light throughout the community

As a company built to serve the interests of tractor factory workers, Vibrant has always been focused on the community. The philanthropic spirit is simply a part of our DNA. What can we say? We just love making our members’ lives that much brighter.

If you are a part of a community organization that is looking for a little help to thrive, check out our online donation request form

Money? Time? Ice cream?

While we love to make financial donations to local charities such as Gilda’s Club and United Way, we also understand that money isn’t everything. Sometimes, just showing up is the best thing you can do. 

In order to get our people out of the office and into the community, every Vibrant employee gets a paid day every year to volunteer at a charity of their choosing. After all, they always say “It takes a village”not a checkbook. 

But that isn’t all - we are topping off all of our philanthropic efforts the best way we know how: with ice cream! That's right. Vibrant is the proud owner of a genuine ice cream truck. We use it to deliver free treats to the neighborhood. If free ice cream doesn’t make the community awesome, we simply don’t know what will.

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