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Get a great rate now (and a better one later)

Our 40-month Certificate of Deposit now earns 1.90% APY*, with the option to bump your rate if it rises higher later.

Open a 40-month Certificate of Deposit

If you’ve been hesitant to invest in a Certificate of Deposit because you think rates will keep rising, our 40-month CD enables you to bump your certificate to a higher rate once during your certificate term. Submit the form below to get help opening a CD account today.

* “APY” = “Annual Percentage Yield.” There is no minimum deposit required, but members will not be able to add to their deposit after opening an account. Early withdrawal before the end of the 40-month term will result in the forfeiture of all interest earned to date. The 40-Month Certificate of Deposit will automatically roll into a 36-month Certificate of Deposit at the end of the term unless otherwise specified. $5 Membership Savings deposit required to open a Certificate of Deposit account.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum balance required to open an account?

No, there’s not a minimum balance required to get a CD (although you do need a minimum $5 balance in a membership savings account to open a CD with us). However, you will not be able to deposit additional money to your CD account after you open it.

How is interest calculated?

Your interest earnings are calculated and added to your account on a quarterly basis.

Is there an early withdrawal penalty?

Unfortunately, if you withdraw your funds before 40 months, you will forfeit all interest earned to that point.

Can I roll over my current Vibrant CD?

If you have a Vibrant Certificate of Deposit that is about to mature, contact us for assistance rolling it over.

Does the 40-month Certificate of Deposit automatically renew?

We’ll contact you when your CD is about to mature to discuss your options. Unless you specify otherwise, the 40-month CD will automatically renew as a 36-month CD with an interest rate to be determined by current rates at the rollover date.