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Your money is safe with us

If you're anxious about recent bank failures, here are some solid reasons why you shouldn't worry about banking with Vibrant.
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Talk to us face-to-face from anywhere

You don’t have to visit one of our branches to get the help you need. Now you can become a member, open a CD, or get help managing your current account via vibrantLive. 


Vibrant App with credit score feature

Keep tabs on your credit score

Download the free Vibrant mobile app to access our credit monitoring tool! Track changes in your credit score, see how future purchases or payments will affect your score, and get customized lending offers to help you save money.

It's just one of the great tools available from your phone. Our app also includes access to vibrantLive, mobile deposit, and 24/7 bill pay. 


Our SouthPark Branch lobby will be opening on Monday, October 25.

The SouthPark Branch lobby will open Monday, October 25.

Helpful resources

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Following a string of recent bank failures, many people are wondering if their money is adequately protected. We look at the reasons behind these bank collapses and explain what to look for when assessing the financial health of a bank or credit union. 

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Will a checking account affect your credit score?

Provided your account is in good standing, how much you have in the bank is much less important than how much you owe.

Finding the right savings account

It pays to compare options from a range of local financial institutions to find the best rate of return.

Banking careers for people who didn't major in finance

Good news: You don’t have to be some kind of math genius to succeed in banking. There are plenty of opportunities for people from every background.